Cuties With Curls

There isn’t much more adorable than two little girls with big smiles!! This family was so much fun to work with (and the promise of taking a little pumpkin home afterwards doesn’t hurt)! I love fall shoots so so much – the colors are rich, the light is warm, and the decorations are so cozy. I just love family sessions!




A Family Affair

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to get the whole family together – especially when everyone lives in different states! But if you get the opportunity, what better way to spend a day than getting everyone all dressed up and get some whole-family photos taken! Getting to meet the individual families was so much fun, but it really warmed my heart to see all the generations interacting and the love and respect everyone had for each other. Here are a few fun moments from that session!



A Model In the Making

Every family seems to have its “shining star” to the photography world – the one person who is always perfectly posed, smiling, and just plain adorable – I think you’ll be able to tell which little girl I’m talking about in the Johnson family’s photos! We had some fun kid-only time at the park before heading back for the full family shots, and I couldn’t be more pleased at how they turned out! This family has so much fun together that it makes it easy to capture all those great little moments that really define how a family interacts – see for yourself!

A Very Puppy Christmas

Tis the season once again for Christmas photos!! Generally these sessions end up turning into a Christmas/family/couple mixed bag, because I want people to have memories of how they looked at this year of their life as well as the worthy-of-the-family-Christmas-card posed shots. I think maybe that’s why I love themed or seasonal shoots – it’s the best of both worlds!! This couple and Rocky were perfect examples! Plus, who doesn’t love puppies?!?!


Rain, Rain, You Can Stay…

…We will play anyway! This family didn’t mind the wet weather, so we forged along with our shoot yesterday afternoon. It ended up being a good thing we did, because rainy days make for some really fun pictures (especially when a little girl with sparkly red diva rain boots is along!) Downtown Shreveport has some beautiful buildings and colorful wall art to choose from, so we settled on this spot and just had fun! A little rain never stopped anybody 🙂