Pretty Blue Eyes & A Big Red Barn

I had a unique opportunity to explore my new town today, as the family I photographed knew of a beautiful park they wanted to use for their pictures – a park that included this scrumptious old barn! I always love getting vintage, artsy backdrops for my photos while staying outdoors. Nothing beats natural light!! This is a sweet family with two of the most handsome little boys I have ever seen! Gotta love those big blue eyes!


Stars and Stripes

Today I had the privilege of photographing a fellow military family and had so much fun! It always reminds me of the sacrifices anyone serving our country makes and just how proud I am to be part of such a legacy. Here is a little peek of one family sharing that legacy – I hope it warms your heart like it did mine!

Maverick Got Nothin’ on Me!

This absolutely perfect little boy is super special to me!! He was born at 30 weeks due to complications and spent the first few months of his life in NICU getting big and strong enough to come home. I see God every single day in this child and it amazes me all the miracles I’ve gotten to witness since knowing him – I just can’t wait to see all the huge things he will do with his life because it is so obvious that the Lord has BIG, BIG plans for him!! He is just so sweet and I love him to death 🙂 I think this fellow Air Force family was the hardest for us to say goodbye to when we left Florida, but at least looking at his pictures helps me not feel so far away! So, without further ado, I give you Taylor ❤


The Turning of a Page

A few months ago I got to go home to see my baby brother (who isn’t really a baby anymore, but hey, to an older sister? He’ll always be the baby!) graduate high school. I’m so glad I got to be there to capture all the emotion. It makes me remember how huge that day was for me years ago – something we tend to forget about as the years pass.