Baby Love

One of the first people I had the opportunity to photograph was my friend Amy. She was kind enough to put up with me when I was first learning my camera, and let me take her maternity pictures (brave soul!) Now she has a beautiful baby boy, and looking back at these pictures is so neat for me. It’s kind of like the engagement pictures I took not so long ago for other friends – it’s a perfect, special time in someone’s life that will someday be remembered through these pictures, and that truly touches my heart 🙂



Celebrating History

My husband and I often take “weekend day trips” to discover what is here on the beautiful Gulf Coast. A few months ago we decided to go and see the USS Alabama, a battleship docked in Mobile. It was such an amazing experience, especially since one of my grandfathers had been a proud Navy man. They also had a hangar full of planes, as well as a submarine! Here are some pictures from our little excursion.


Carol & Brad

This past week I had the privilege of photographing two of our very good friends as a newly engaged couple! I was so excited to get to try out some new ideas. Carol knew that she wanted to be on the beach at sunset, and so we just ran with that idea, and it turned out so beautiful! I was honored that they chose me to take the pictures that they will look back on always to remember the feelings that go along with this special time. Engagement is such a perfect occasion; the beauty in the brand-new-ness of a page in your lives turning mixed with the feelings you had from the first “hello” that have been there growing the whole time. Thank you Brad and Carol for letting me be part of such a fun day!


Spring Has Sprung

Spring is officially in the air down here in sunny Florida! I was so excited and refreshed to spend the day outside, mostly bothering my dog with my camera. I recently purchased a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens and it has definitely had all the effects of a new toy. My poor husband was another begrudged subject – thankfully they both put up with my antics!